Cobalt boats, a world leader in the design and manufacturing of luxury performance boats, today debuted the first of the company's next generation of sport yachts. Performance Boats, characterized by their design, performance, and sophisticated engines deliver speed that can create an adrenaline rush among the most demanding thrill seekers. Speed and performance boats pierce the waves and offer their operators a ride like no other.

Unquestionably, those in the market for used performance boats now need to be more cautious than eve. What they lacked in resources, they made up for in motivation : a single-minded mission to build the finest performance boats in the world. Each issue also contains the complete full-throttle line-up of Cobalt performance boats.

But to all of us at Cobalt, designing and manufacturing one of a kind performance boats certainly is no game! They manufacture fishing boats, sport boats, cruisers and Cobalt high-performance boats. Their performance boats wow thrill-seekers, professional racers and movie stars alike while our sport boats offer enthusiasts the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

If someone were looking to get into hi-performance boats for the first time, what things should they look for and ask about? Construction on bluewater performance boats is lightweight but strong, with modern composite laminates sandwiched over a foam or honeycomb core.